METAWARS is a high-tech thriller about the battle for control over the future internet.

In an unforgiving future, two warring factions are locked in a brutal battle over control of an online virtual world.  Jonah Delacroix has always known which side he’s on – the same side as his dead father. But when he assumes his father’s avatar, he learns that things aren’t as black and white as he once believed. He’s catapulted into a full-throttle race through both worlds – but can he find the truth?

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Based on the novels by Jeff Norton, readers and critics have praised this award-winning book series:

“This is the modern take on the internet supremacy between the big companies such as Google and Apple; both of which have a massive stake in our digital world. A very thought provoking element which becomes embedded within the story to influence the final outcome with a twist at the end.”  

Mr Ripleys Enchanted Books Review

“Jeff Norton has added more twists in this book than anything I’ve ever read.”
Josh, 15, Norfolk, UK

“this is a cracking adventure story – a sort of ‘Young James Bond in The Matrix’. Packed with action and danger, it is the most boy-friendly, popcorn-munching thing I have read in ages. I devoured it with glee as it ticked every boy’s-own box in my head. I even struggled to complete my own personal review game of ‘spot when something convenient happens to allow a dodgy plan to work’.”
Demention Blog

“The twists and turns will keep you on the edge of your seat and leave you wanting more.”
Bo, 14

“Gripping, thrilling, imaginative, adventurous, mind-blowing.”
Stuart, 12

“I can’t wait for the sequel!”
Fin, 11, Bath, UK

“It’s one of the best books I’ve ever read. I can’t WAIT for the next one!”
Lia, 9, Toronto, Canada