Star Pressed is a character driven, swashbuckling drama-comedy about what it takes to form a family…in the darkness of space.

When orphaned siblings Andra and Grunge are abducted from the landfill site they call home, they are pressed into service on the HMS Ghandi with three teenage aliens where they form a surrogate family in an unfair universe. LOST IN SPACE meets GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY….a love letter to space faring ScienceFiction.

The book debuted digitally as a featured title on wattpad and quickly became the #1 scifi title on the platform. You can read it before it publishes in paperback in the autumn of 2020.

“What a great story. I really enjoyed this Jeff, and i know my kids would too. I like having a good story to read when I’m travelling, and this one definitely fit the bill.” @theOrangutan

“Awesome book. My only regret is that it finished too soon.” @invincible_me

“hard to put it down” @Marciaswaine

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