Surface Tension is a gripping survival drama based on the critically acclaimed graphic novel by Jay Gunn.

Surface Tension cover

The graphic novel published Spring, 2016 and is available to buy here.

Selected reviews for the graphic novel, published by Titan Comics

“a hit series with great storytelling and just the right amount of creepiness. It’s an enigmatic horror adventure that was both unexpected and profound with a relevant theme that perhaps seeks to teach humanity a lesson in the most frightening way”   Geek Sushi

“Gunn’s environmental catastrophe story is smart, exciting, tragic, creepy, hopeful, and polemical, but Gunn never lets his message get in the way of the story”  Comic Book Resources

“A glorious blend of Quatermass, the SF of John Wyndham, melding western action comics adventure with Hayao Miyasaki-inspired imagery, Surface Tension was one of my favourite series of 2015 – and I wasn’t alone in singing its praises.”   Down the Tubes

“Gunn does a tremendous job, presenting a “big world” apocalyptic scenario through the “small world” viewpoint of villagers just trying to make the most of what little is on hand, holding on to the remnants of civilization—and their sanity…but always living in constant dread of what the transformed planet may bring to their doorsteps”   Comics for Sinners

“smart science fiction kept strictly is a real world type of situation”   Snap Pow