Awesome Gallops to the Children’s Media Conference

Awesome Heads to the Children’s Media Conference

Company to present vision for adapting ‘Princess Ponies’ to TV

SHEFFIELD, UK – July 04, 2017: Continuing its expansion from books to screen, creative incubator Awesome Media & Entertainment Ltd. has been invited to present its vision for adapting its best-selling ‘Princess Ponies’ chapter books to TV.

Founder Jeff Norton will attend the annual Children’s Media Conference, presenting Awesome’s uncompromising vision for ‘Chevalia,’ a live-action mixed-media high fantasy that brings a Tolkien-like ambition to TV.

First published in 2014 by Bloomsbury (the same publisher as the Harry Potter books), ‘Princess Ponies’ has become a best-selling global franchise. With twelve books in the series, the stories focus on eight-and-three-quarter-year-old Pippa MacDonald who is magically transported to the island of Chevalia, where she must team up with the youngest foal of the princess ponies to save the island from existential threats.

“Despite the books’ pink and sparkly covers, the stories actually have more in common with Indiana Jones than My Little Pony,” says founder Jeff Norton. “It’s our vision to bring empowering, high-fantasy to TV with the world of Chevalia.”

The ‘Princess Ponies’ books are written by Chloe Ryder.


About Awesome:  Awesome Media & Entertainment Ltd. is a UK based I.P. incubator in both the kids/family space and scripted drama.  The company was founded by author Jeff Norton and is owned by Norton and media veteran Peter Sussman.