Author Jeff Norton reads Alienated for kids staying home

Award-winning author Jeff Norton is reading his acclaimed middle-grade novel, Alienated: Grounded At Groom Lake, to kids staying home from school during the coronavirus crisis.

Norton, best-known for his popular ‘MetaWars‘ novels (Hachette) and laugh-out-loud ‘Memoirs of a Neurotic Zombie‘ books (Faber & Faber), started reading one chapter each day on 17th of March.

“We’re all staying home to stay safe, so I wanted to offer kids and parents a daily dose of story time,” says Norton.

‘Alienated’ is the story of Sherman Capote, the only human boy at the high school for aliens at Area 51. The fish-out-of-water book has been likened to ‘Harry Potter’ meets ‘Star Wars’ with a dash of ‘Men In Black.’

“Because we can’t go to school right now, I thought it’d be fun to tell a set in school, about the balance between fitting in and standing out.”

Popular book review site Toppsta calls Alienated: “A highly entertaining series with themes of diversity, friendship, teamwork and perseverance, ALIENATED features a wild mix of characters thrown together in Groom Lake High, a school like no other. Jeff Norton grips readers from the outset of ALIENATED, with his trademark funny, observant and fast-paced story-telling.”

Norton is reading a chapter of the book every day and posting to his YouTube Channel and and on PopJam where he has over 70,000 followers.

‘Alienated’ is published by Awesome Reads in the UK and RandomHouse in Germany. Translation rights are repped by Sarah Pakenham at ScallyWag Press.