Awesome is a creatively driven content company focused on originating amazing stories with compelling characters in immersive worlds. We create big ideas…from book to screen.

Founded by author/writer-producer Jeff Norton, we create content across books and television.

Awesome is more than a company name, it’s an ethos.  It’s the standard to which we hold all of our stories. Whether it’s princess ponies or a police procedural; every story we tell is awesome.

We’re currently developing new stories with exceptional writers and partnering with best in class producers to tell tall tales on multiple screens.

Please note we are unable to accept unsolicited submissions. Any and all unsolicited submissions will not be read and will be destroyed. (This isn’t us being mean or difficult, but it’s a legal thing that protects both parties). If you do have a book or pitch you want to share, please contact us via your agent or publishing company.

Say hello if you want to get involved.